About Us


Tulizeni’s mission is to enable financial stability for widowed women through traditional cooperative practices in the Eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


The Tulizeni Widow’s Association is a cooperative organization that was founded in 2000 by a strong group of Congolese women determined to take financial responsibility for themselves and their children after the deaths of their husbands. Tulizeni functions on many levels—it is a platform that brings women together to create unique handmade accessories with local traditional materials, but it is also the core of a vital community that offers financial, emotional and spiritual support in difficult times. Tulizeni, the Kiswahili word for comfort or protection, is a promise among the women that in times of need they will be able to provide for themselves and for each other. Whether that means purchasing materials for a new order of handbags or drawing from the community reserve fund to meet unexpected medical expenses or school fees.

Tulizeni is also an invitation to the international community to support the efforts of women working towards autonomy in east of the DRC, which has been one of the world’s deadliest conflict zones for more than two decades. By purchasing our products or making donations to the organization you have the opportunity to contribute directly to the well-being of the women who form the backbone of the local society by educating and nurturing the younger generations. One hundred percent of proceeds and donations go directly to Tulizeni, which respects local practices of democratic leadership and transparency among all members. Supporting Tulizeni is a unique opportunity to be a part of traditional methods of exchange and to encourage autonomous efforts on the ground. We want to thank you in advance for taking the time to understand our story.